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Playing with Wax

During this week, I began experimenting with Batik Wax. After researching online, I followed a recipe consisting of 55% Beeswax and 45% Paraffin. For the application, I utilized 2 disposable 1" foam brushes and a medium-sized Sumi brush. I selected an unfinished scarf that had been previously used to showcase H Dupont's Antifusant during one of my classes. I proceeded by applying wax to the painted flowers and leaves, then painted the background with leftover navy blue dye. Due to dwindling dye supply, I diluted the dye with water towards the bottom. Subsequently, I reapplied wax, bent the scarf to create a crackled effect, and then used a folded-up paper towel dipped in emerald green dye which I rubbed over the surface of the whole scarf. The next step - I peeled the majority of the wax off, and I plan to steam it next week. I anticipate that the remaining wax will melt off onto the newsprint used to wrap the silk for the steaming process.

I am happy with this first try and will plan on doing a more thought out design in the future.

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