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I am preparing for an exhibition in early July. The theme is "Chaos". I just finished painting one of the pieces which I am calling "Love is...", 36" x 36" silk charmeuse. It can be a scarf or a wall hanging. I will steam it once I finish my next piece "Life is..."

Still pondering-Life is.....

I went to an art instructor get-together on Friday night. About 7 artist spoke about their art and teaching process. Some of them made us do drawing exercises. Boy was it intimidating. I felt like an imposter. Thus, I have been feeling insecure about myself and having weird dreams. So I put myself in the most intimidating position that I can do at home. A bottle of gutta and a large piece of blank silk. Once the gutta starts flowing you can't really stop. Once you create a mark, a line, a shape, you need to complete something cohesive using design and eventually color.

What this exercise taught me is that I am my own artist. I paint what is inside my gut, my heart, and my brain. Although I do not have the same process as other artists, it doesn't mean I am not an artist. I was once interviewed by an art instructor for my 20% Opacity painting. She first said how much she liked my piece. She admired the placement of my images and how every element was really thought out. She asked me what my process was. I was embarrassed to tell her that I don't plan out my paintings, I just allow my inner voice to speak. Kind of instinctual I guess. Who knows... So let yourself be free, break out of the cage that tells you that you are not good enough, because you are.

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