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Going back to my roots

I have been craving to go back to my fashion design roots for over a year. I gave myself 3 months to incorporate silk painting with fashion. Starting in October, I learned to use a 3D pattern making program called Clo3D. It has a 3D Avatar screen on the left and flat pattern screen on the right. What an amazing powerful program.

My only gripe is that the Avatar does not mimic regular bodies. The Avatars available are based on standard sizes-missy, petite, plus, etc. Well...a majority of people are not shaped like a mannequin, we are human. Our bodies are normal and diverse. My wanting to design for normal people lead me to a company called Size Stream. They have an App that you download on your phone and following the instructions, you take just 2 photos of yourself. A front view and a side view. The product is an Avatar of yourself. Yay!

This is a simple design that I designed on my Avatar and dragged in a picture of one of my silk scarves. Stay tuned because I am now working on painting yardage to sew this garment. Exciting!

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Absolutely beautiful work!

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