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Steaming with a pressure canner

For those of you who want to know how I steam in a pressure canner, this is how....

I use a 3 1/2" tall steaming rack at the bottom of the canner and fill the canner with 6-8 cups of water. I am an instant gratification kind of gal, so I use hot water from my kettle.

I the place the steamer disc thing with the holes on the rack.

I get my cake or pie pan and place an old bath towel on the bottom. Stack my rolled silk in it. Place another small towel over it and cover it with foil.

I place the package into the steamer and I lock the cover. I turn the heat on high and when the steamer's gauge gets close to 10, I lower the heat so that the gauge stays between 10 and 15 for one full hour.

Follow the instructions that came with your canner. I release the steam and when it is safe to open. I use mittens and tongs to remove my packets. **Remember that you cannot use the canner for food once it is used for steaming dyes.

I unwrap my bundles and take out my steamed silk. You can wash them at your convenience. Put on gloves. First with the hotter side of warm water and a capful of Synthrapol in a dish pan (dedicated to dyeing). Swish and squeeze, swish and squeeze repeatedly for a few minutes. The water will be colored because excess dyes are suspended in the water. Squeeze out excess water from your silk by squeezing. Never wring it. Fill the dish pan with a capful of shampoo with conditioner in warm water. Squish and swish repeatedly for another few minutes. The water will still be tinted with excess dye.

The next 2 to 3 times will be swishing and squeezing in cold tap water. The water should be clear. Squeeze your silk and place them on an old bath towel and roll like a tootsie roll. I step on mine with my feet to blot excess water out.

I then take it to the iron and iron the silk either with the grain or cross grain, never on a diagonal. Your silk is steamed fixed and ready to use. Hurray!

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